Our Services

We aim to provide a full spectrum of wellness options. If you would like to schedule an appointment or service please give us a call at (847) 696-6630


Infused Massage Therapy

Our experienced and licensed therapists will create a custom treatment based on your specific areas of concern. Relax as our CBD infused massage oils help to melt away aches and pains while bringing you peace of mind. Starting at $85 for One- Hour.

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Free for first time clients $10 for returning.

Medical Cannabis Certifications

Got questions about medical cannabis? Need to renew your current license? Our doctors can help you get certified and stay certified! Price varies depending on duration of certification. Please call us for details.


Educational Classes & Events

We have a catalog of classes to get you started along your cannabis journey.

-Intro to Medical Cannabis

-Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD

-Cooking with Cannabis and CBD

- Monthly Women’s Circles